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S.No Name of the PRAYASEEs


Name  of the the Project 


Amount Sanctioned  Rs. In Lakhs

1 Sathish Kumar R

Development of an Immunoassay based Diagnostic Kit for Cardiovascular Disease using Protein Biomarker

2 Dhilip Vignesh S Knoou Caliper- An Open Sourced Vitals Diagnostic Gadgets through both Invasive and Non Invasive Measuring Techniques 7.4
3 Jothi Murugan A Electronic Product and Process Identification system for Textile Industries 8.6
4 Aravind G Production of Efficient & Sustainable Chitin based Biopolymer as By-product of Sericulture 8.0

Sathish Kumar P

Conversion of Existing Shuttle Loom to a Shuttleless Loom 6.0
6 Antony Edison A Bionic Hand 9.6
7 Praveen Kumar L Prototech 4.7
8 Murali Kumar B Intelligent Human Activity Analysis and Reporting System 8.0
9 Abishek B Aeropart Validator 7.3

Agni Devan   G

Modernization of Mechanisms in Handloom for Maximizing Loom Productivity 2.4