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Improvising our already developed Non-Invasive Glucometer MVPMrs Rini W MMrs Rini W MDevelopment of qPCR-based detection kit for MucormycosisDr Kesavan MarkkandanDevelopment of High Performance Diffusion Coating for Enhancing Service Life of Component.Atul SCAtul SCSewer Dredging ROVSruthi RAny Material Rapid Prototyping  Machine Gokul KaratJivass Technologies IOT  Sensor Hardware  


S.No Name of the PRAYASEEs Name  of the the Project  Amount Sanctioned  Rs. In Lakhs
1 Sathish Kumar R Development of an Immunoassay based Diagnostic Kit for Cardiovascular Disease using Protein Biomarker 9
2 Dhilip Vignesh S Knoou Caliper- An Open Sourced Vitals Diagnostic Gadgets through both Invasive and Non Invasive Measuring Techniques 7.4
3 Jothi Murugan A Electronic Product and Process Identification system for Textile Industries 9.6
4 Aravind G Production of Efficient & Sustainable Chitin based Biopolymer as By-product of Sericulture 8
5 Sathish Kumar P Conversion of Existing Shuttle Loom to a Shuttleless Loom 6
6 Antony Edison A Bionic Hand 9.6
7 Praveen Kumar L Prototech 4.7
8 Murali Kumar B Intelligent Human Activity Analysis and Reporting System 8
9 Abishek B Aeropart Validator 7.3
10 Agni Devan   G Modernization of Mechanisms in Handloom for Maximizing Loom Productivity 3.4
​11 ​Divya Krishnan ​Save Mom 8.66
12​ Uthaya Kumar K ​Cardamom Dryer 8.4
​13 Avinash P Design and Fabrication of Carrot Harvesting Machine 9.5
​14 Muthukumar Amirthalingam Bioconjucated Nano Theranostic Delivery System for Alzheimer's Diesease 9.7
​15 Christopher M Endotracheal Tube Detector with Intubating Video Endoscope 9.35
​16 Ahamed Muqthar K Integrated Cutting Floor Optimization Solution for Leather Product Manufacturing Industries 9.6
​17 Cibhi Sel Ven Sudhan Plantec- Eco-friendly Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastics 6
18 Parthiban Subramanian A Novel Radio Transparent Solution for an External Fixation in Orthopaedics 9.5
19 Muthu Vangaliappan Windmill Watcher [WMW] 8.6
20 Ankit Mohan IoT Biometric System for Realtime Staff Monitoring by SMEs 7.9
21 Gowrishankar Duraisamy BREWE - A Fresh Tea Making Machine 9
22 Santhosh K Automatic Nursery Tray Seeding Machine 5
23 Rubesh Thirumani S Automated Guided Vehicle for Material Handling 3.3
24 Lakshmi Vaidyanathan Jivass Technologies IOT  Sensor Hardware   10
25 Gokul Karat Any Material Rapid Prototyping  Machine  9.8
26 Sruthi R Sewer Dredging ROV 10
27 Atul S C Development of High Performance Diffusion Coating for Enhancing Service Life of Component. 9.58
28 Mr Aswin Palanisamy  Electric Motor and Drive Technology 8.5
29 Dr Kesavan Markkandan Development of qPCR-based detection kit for Mucormycosis 9.9
30 Mrs Rini W M Improvising our already developed Non-Invasive Glucometer MVP 10
31 Mr Solomon Jones Development of Graphene Reinforced Epoxy Coating with Enhanced Anti-corrosion pPoperties 10
32 Ms Sowmini Kumaran Development of Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) 10
33 Mr Bharatha Kumar  Commercially Viable Emulsion Paint Production from Recycled Plastic. 10
34 Mr Gokul P Design Development of Aluminum Air battery for Electric Vehicle Application 10