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Graduated Incubatees

S.No Company / Innovator Area of Operations Website
1 247 Liftetime Solutions Embedded Systems www.247lifetime.com
2 ABigStart Labs Web Development www.abigstart.com
3 Accumenta Services Pvt Ltd Smart Queue Management  
4 ACT Infosolutions Pvt Ltd Software Development www.amulya.biz
5 ACT Software (Cbe) Pvt Ltd Web based applications  
6 Agna Inc. Electronics / Biomedical https://gaitwatchdevice.wixsite.com/gait-watch
7 AgNa Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Internet Marketing  
8 AKT BPO BPO Service  
9 Alchemist Techno Labs Pvt Ltd Software Development  
10 Alpha TEG Nano Sensors  
11 ALTA Infotech Software Development  
12 Altius Technologies e-publishing www.altius.co.in
13 Ambigro Enterprise Applications  
14 Amoeba Telecom Telecom Software  
15 Ananda Vinayak Ideas Graphene Manufacturing  
16 Andadhi Fabrics Textile Automation  
17 Anokka Systems e-Publishing  
18 APT Solutions Pvt Ltd Java based Application  
19 Archstone Consulting Engineers Engineering Services  
20 Aries Biomed Technology Biomedical Equipment Manufacturer www.ariesbiomed.com
21 Arthana Technologies Web Applications  
22 Astra Infosys Software Development www.astra-infosys.com
23 Atatri Design Engineering Solutions https://www.atatri.com/
24 Augtra Technologies India Pvt Ltd Mobile Applications www.augtra.com
25 Avanti Accounting Services Pvt Ltd Financial Services www.avantiaccounting.com
26 Ayyappan G MedTech www.stepxtechnology.com
27 B.E.S Technologies Data Zoning & Conversion  
28 Best Infoways India Pvt Ltd Call Center  
29 Bioniik Innovations Bioinformatives  
30 Biospot Solutions Pvt Ltd Biotechnology www.biospot.in
31 Bluecubes Softwares  Internet Solutions  
32 Bulltin Business Solutions Information Technology  
33 Cable Partners Call Solution India Pvt Ltd CallSolutions  
34 Candrila Information Systems Pvt Ltd Software Development  
35 Carolina Technologies Solutions Pvt Ltd  Software Development www.carotechs.com
36 CGS Systems Pvt Ltd ERP for Knitting & Apparel Industry  
37 Cipher Labs Home Automation  
38 Clear Software Pvt Ltd Software Development  
39 Cloud Assert India Pvt Ltd  Cloud Computing www.cloudassert.com
40 Codesoft Solutions Software Development www.codesoft.net
41 Comdus Solutions Internet based applications  
42 Compass Technology Solutions Software Development  
43 Corrosion Management Services Corrosion database Management Software  
44 Cosmos net ISP – DSL, Franchisee  
45 CRM 24 X 7 CRM  
46 Cybersol Medical Transcription  
47 D M Data India Pvt Ltd Public Safety Software  
48 Daffodils Multimedia Multimedia Devpt.  
49 DataQ Technologies RFID Aero Part Validator www.dataqtechnologies.com
50 Delving Research & Development Pvt Ltd IT/SaaS www.delvingrd.com
51 Dextrose Technologies Pvt Ltd Biopolymers https://dextrosetech.com
52 Diagnostring Laboratories Pvt LTd Medical Diagnostics www.diagnostring.com
53 Diffuson Coatech LLP Engineering / Product Design www.diffuson.in
54 Digital Dynamix Web Development  
55 Dolomeedes Robotics Pvt Ltd Engineering  
56 Dr Christopher MeTech  
57 Dr Oxy Mobile & Web Solutions  
58 Duce Software Enterprise Applications  
59 e Vagan Logicom India Pvt Ltd Market Place Aggregator www.evaganlogicom.co.in
60 e-Brahma Technologies Ltd e – Commerce  
61 Edge Infotech & Consultancy Services Software Development  
62 Elmaq Software Pvt Ltd ERP for SMEs  
63 Embedded Shastra Solutions Edutech  
64 Emeltro Systems Embedded Solutions www.emeltro.com
65 Emerge Software Technology ERP for engineering Industry  
66 Emergys Software Pvt Ltd Medical Software Development  
67 Extreme Digital Technology R/D Embedded Systems  
68 Extreme Digital Technology R/D Embedded Systems  
69 Fabforge Innovations Pvt Ltd 3D Printing  www.fabforge.in
70 FedLabs Manufacturing  
71 Fornax System Pvt Ltd Software Training cum Development  
72 Geek Stack Smart c Management Systems www.geekstack.co.in
73 Global.com Software Development  
74 Globus Infosoft Pvt Ltd Software Development  
75 Griam Tech Solutions  Software Devpt.  
76 Haipals Messenger Pvt Ltd ICT / Sass(Web/MobileApp) www.haipals.com
77 Havilah Technologies ITES  
78 Heptagon Technologies Pvt Ltd On Demand Services www.heptagon.in
79 Hiris Technologies Web Development www.hiristechnologies.com
80 Hotinfonet Software Labs Telecom Software  
81 Hykon Transcripts Pvt Ltd Medical Transcription  
82 Ideal Methods Softtech India Pvt Ltd Software Development  
83 Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF) Textile www.itf.org.in
84 Infoaxiom India Pvt Ltd Software Development  
85 Infosol Technologies Regional Auto portal  
86 Innodroid Information Technology https://innodroid.com
87 Inyards Fan Engagement Platform www.fantumn.com
88 Iserve Consultancy e-Publishing  
89 Jivass Technologies IoT www.jivass.com
90 Joule Food Food Processing www.joulefood.com
91 K – Logic Techno Solutions Software Development  
92 Kidzvoo Pvt Ltd E-Commerce www.nicabo.com
93 K-Logic Softech Solutions Pvt Ltd Software Development  
94 Knoou Caliper Healthcare  
95 Konvertis Websolution Web development  
96 Lauraz Technologies Information Technology  
97 LexHive Corporate Services Legal Support Services www.lexhive.in
98 Linsys Technologies Software Development  
99 Logic Genie Softtech India Pvt Ltd Software Development www.namecheap.com
100 Loukyaa Technologies Embedded Systems  
101 Lucid Technologies Pvt Ltd e-commerce Solutions www.lucidtechsol.com
102 Mac Academy Multimedia Training and Application  
103 MadDog Promotions Information Technology  
104 Manasaraovar Consulting e-integration  
105 Mascot esoft Technologies CAD / CAM  
106 Maxval IP IP Management www.maxval.com
107 Mecgene Opc Pvt Ltd Biotech www.mecgene.com
108 Media Wood Multimedia Applications  
109 Megha Cloud Infotech Cloud Computing  
110 Metayage IP Strategy Consulting IP Consultancy www.metayage.com
111 Methion Biotech Pvt Ltd FoodTech  
112 Mezoblanca Solutions Pvt Ltd Software Development  
113 Michael A Healthcare  
114 Mighty Seed Designs LLP Engineering & Industrial Design www.mightyseed.co
115 Millenenials Pvt Ltd e – Commerce  
116 Mindocean Infosolutions Software Devpt.  
117 Minveli Infotech Pvt Ltd Multimedia Applications  
118 Mr Mohammad Yousuf Industrial Automation  
119 Mr Parthiban Subramaniyam Medtech/Orthopedics  
120 Mr Parthipan V ICT / Sass(Web/MobileApp)  
121 Mr Sudheer Khan Nanomaterials  
122 Ms Mamatha Pillai Healthcare  
123 Ms Ponmani Manimaran Nanotech  
124 NAL Vision Electronics  
125 Nano Cera Enviro India CleanTech  
126 Nanogene Healthcare  
127 Natrinai Foods Pvt Ltd Food Tech  www.buymycs.com
128 Next Gen Teknologies Software Development  
129 NG Automobile Engineering pvt Ltd Renewable Energy www.ngautomobile.com
130 Nilatech Robotics Robotics http://www.nilatech.com
131 Nimbeon Inter Technologies Pvt Ltd Design & Engineering Operations www.nimbeon.com
132 N-Science Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd Biotechnology  
133 Ocenture IDO Software Development  
134 Olivewear Pvt Ltd Medtech www.savemom.in
135 Onspec-Legend Information Systems Pvt Ltd VLSI design  
136 Our life Biotech Solutions FoodTech www.ourlife.co.in
137 Ozotec Vehicles Pvt Ltd Electronic www.ozotecautomobile.com
138 Panini Infotech Pvt Ltd Software Development www.paniniinfotech.com
139 Paramount Quality System  ERP for Plantation Industry  
140 Pepup Today E-Commerce  
141 Pineaxe Technologies Edutech www.placementseason.com
142 Plantec Industries Biopolymers www.plantec.in
143 Powerup Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd Information Technology https://www.powerupcloud.com
144 Prashanth Varkey Healthcare  
145 Premier Systems and Management Web Applications  
146 Profitaire Solutions Information Technology  
147 Projection Microsoft ITES  
148 Prolinture Software India Pvt Ltd PDM / PLM Software Development www.ibell.co.in
149 Prototech Energy  
150 Psitron Technologies Pvt Ltd Industry Automation www.psitrontech.com
151 Quantum Material Corporation Nano Materials  
152 Ranga Enterprise Engieering Products  
153 Rao Technologies  ERP & Software development  
154 Rasquares Information Systems Pvt Ltd WAP Applications  
155 Realsoft Cybersystems  Finance Package  
156 Rector Innovation Software Development  
157 Re-lact Bioscience Pvt Ltd Healthcare  
158 Relecken India Pvt Ltd NanoTechnology www.releckenindia.in
159 Reservado IT -Venue Aggregator www.reservado.in
160 Richmond Technologies Software Development www.richmond.co.in
161 RND Softech Pvt Ltd Medical Transcription www.rndsofttech.com
162 Robotex Textile Automation http://www.robotex.in
163 RT Foods FoodTech  
164 Samson Technologies Medical Transcription  
165 Sapience Software (India) Pvt Ltd ERP, CRM & SCM  
166 Sathish Kumar Textile Engineering  
167 SBNA Technologies Enterprise Solutions www.sbna.in
168 School 4 success.com Pvt Ltd Personality Development Portal  
169 Scot Web India Privated Limited Offshore Web Design  
170 SDKN Innovation Pvt Ltd Nanobiotechnology  
171 Sednasoft Technologies Web applications  
172 Senesan Technologies Electronics/IoT  
173 Sepsitronics Pvt Ltd Biotech www.sepsitron.com
174 Set Infotech Pvt Ltd e-Publishing www.setinfotech.com
175 Seyal Technologies Pvt Ltd Software Development www.seygentechnologies.com
176 Shri Sai Green Technologies Embedded Solutions www.shrisaigreentech.com
177 Shri Technologies Embedded Systems  
178 Shrihass Consultancy Services Business Consultancy www.shrihass.com
179 Simha Technologies Web Content Development  
180 Skava Systems Pvt Ltd Mobile Games www.skava.com
181 SNAP Software India Pvt Ltd Software Development  
182 Soft Info Technology ERP  
183 Soverign Infotech Software Development  
184 Springlogic Technologies ERP for Knitting & Apparel Industry  
185 Squareshift Technologies Pvt Ltd ICT www.squareshift.co
186 SRP Enterprises Nanocomposites and energy   
187 Steam-A Pvt Ltd ICT www.steam-a.com
188 Sudarshan Softwares Exports Pvt Ltd Software Devpt. & Training www.sselindia.com
189 Suisse Ranks Pvt Ltd Design Engineering Solutions www.swissranks.com
190 Sujith Consultancy Software Development  
191 Suraj Technologies Information Technology https://surajtechnologies.com
192 Taask Datascribe Infosys Medical Transcription  
193 Tamilnadu Computer Education & Organisation Software Training cum Development  
194 Team Moplet SMS service Provided  
195 Tech Info Softwares VB based projects  
196 Techbits Solutions Web solutions www.lexbitinc.com
197 TechBits Technologies Software Development  
198 Techno Heitz Solutions Web Applications  
199 Techurja Waste Management www.techurja.com
200 TIINO Techmations Pvt Ltd Embedded Solutions & Products www.tiino.in
201 Timesys India Pvt Ltd Embedded System www.timesys.com
202 Torbit Technologies Private  Limited Electronics  
203 Trixo Solution LLP Smart Facilities Management & IWMS www.trixos.org
204 Unihiring Information Technology www.unihiring.com
205 US Software Solutions  COM based business  
206 Vectraform Engineering Solutions Engineering Services www.vectraform.in
207 VenpepSolutions Pvt Ltd Technology Business Solutions www.venpep.com
208 Venus International Software Devpt.  
209 Vestige Technologies RFID Automation & IT www.vestigetech.net
210 Vibgyor software & Exports Pvt Ltd Software Development  
211 Vidvus Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd CAD/CAM  
212 Vilva Bio Org AgriTech  
213 Vipher Tech IoT Solution Industrial IoT  www.viphertechiot.co.in
214 Visinture strategic Solutions (CBE) Pvt Ltd Software Development www.radiantq.com
215 Vista Engineering Solutions Engineering Services   www.vistaes.com
216 VPA Direct Virtual Assistances  
217 Vyazhan Technologies Pvt Ltd Automotive Quality Inspection www.vyazhan.com
218 Vyoog Information Pvt Ltd Enterprises Solutions www.vyoog.com
219 Vyosoft DG Technologies Pvt Ltd Software Development  
220 Weoutsource Web applications  
221 Wisdom Infotech Internet Solutions  
222 Zspace Technologies Pvt Ltd Manufacturing www.grahaa.com