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Seed Fund Support Scheme- TDB / NSTEDB

S.No. Name of the Incubatee             Project Source of Fund
    1 Kalycito Infotech Pvt. Ltd Low cost IP PBX Development         TDB
    2 Vidvus Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd Process Automation  & Productivity Improvement Solution         TDB
    3 Fedlabs Smaretcell         TDB
    4 VectraFORM Engineering Services Design, Development, Prototyping & Commercialization of 3D Scanner         TDB
    5 Joule Foods Pvt. Ltd Manufacturing hygenically  processed Millet based Cookies         TDB
    6 Ranga Enterprises Manufacturing  coracle  with fibre glass         TDB
    7 Vestige Technologies Asset Manager      NSTEDB
    8 Infinit Solutions Rabtab      NSTEDB
    9 Venpep Solutions P Ltd Ourvivaha.com      NSTEDB
   10 Aries Biomed Technologies        NSTEDB
   11 Unilogic Technologies Pvt Ltd        NSTEDB
   12 Coitor IT Tech Pvt Ltd Virtual Dressing Room      NSTEDB
   13 Doctor Oxy Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd Dr. Oxy      NSTEDB